Adding Login Verification

Adding Login Verification

Login Verification


  • Depending on which systems you have access to, you may be required to apply Login Verification as an extra layer of security to your account

  • With login verification enabled, upon entering your email and password you will be prompted to provide a security code generated from your mobile device

  • ZOO recommends App Based authentication (such as Google Authenticator) as it is a more secure method of confirming your identity

  • However, if you’re not able to install an App, then Text Message Verification is also available.

Installing and using an Authentication App

  1. Install an Authentication App on your device

  2. Open the App on your device

  3. Select ’add account’ or ‘new’ or the ‘+’ icon

  4. You will be prompted to scan a QR code / Bar Code using your devices camera

  5. Once scanned a new entry will appear in your Authentication Code list

  6. Take a moment to rename it, choosing something a bit more user friendly e.g. Core-ID

  7. The App will automatically generate a new 6 digit code every 30 seconds

  8. Whenever you are asked for an Authentication Code, simply navigate to your list and choose the appropriate code

  9. Entering the code into Core ID

  10. Confirming the code will grant you access

  11. Your Login Verification settings can be reviewed / edited at any time by using the link in the sidebar.

What if I don't own a smart device, or my phone is incapable of receiving text messages?

  • Authentication can also be applied via a desktop service such as Authy

  • Or as a browser extension, such as Authenticator for Google Chrome.